Whether you are an individual investor, business owner or retirement plan sponsor, Martel Wealth Advisors, Inc. understands that you have a choice when selecting an investment advisor. With that in mind, we have provided you with some information below that may assist you in your search.

Our goal is to build a long-term trusted relationship with you by providing ongoing financial advice to help your family or business to make better investment decisions. We work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your overall financial situation. It is this close relationship that sets us apart from the large investment, insurance and banking organizations.

We are committed to providing you with objective, holistic, and creative solutions to the array of financial challenges that you may face throughout your life. Martel Wealth Advisors, Inc. is a unique organization in that we provide institutional-quality investment management services coupled with the intimacy of a privately held boutique firm. It is our steadfast goal to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with your family and to be a valued resource for your professional practice or business.

Investors have more environmentally conscious opportunities today than ever before. As independent advisors, we can employ environmental considerations across asset classes and investment disciplines. We have diversified portfolios that are designed for investors seeking a more environmentally conscious approach while pursuing their financial goals.

We offer an initial introductory appointment at no charge. This provides an opportunity for us to learn about your financial situation, concerns and expectations. Together, we will determine if it will be mutually beneficial to proceed.

Our advisors are dedicated to the financial planning process, the professional Code of Ethics and continuing education. The professionals in our firm are accredited with financial credentials such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). We work closely with your other professional advisors or refer you to our professional affiliates to properly implement your financial plan. Our goal is that our firm becomes the conduit by which all of your financial needs are met.